Fundraising and Donations


Support Beveridge effortlessly by TAGGing your receipts! This simple and free process turns your everyday purchases into valuable contributions for our initiatives.

How it works:

  1. Shop at 400+ participating businesses in Omaha, Lincoln, & Siouxland.
  2. Upload your receipts to within 30 days, selecting “Beveridge Middle School (OPS).”
  3. The business donates a percentage at no extra cost to you.

How to get started:

  1. Visit the website from your phone.
  2. Save the website as a button (like an app) for future access and to stay logged in.
    • iphone/safari: Tap the Share icon (square with arrow in bottom center of screen) > Scroll down and select Add to Home Screen
    • android/chrome: Tap menu icon (3 dots) > select Add to Home Screen
  3. Visit from the button you just created and click ‘Login’.
  4. Enter your mobile phone # then tap ‘Send’. TAGG will text you a code to enter for verification.
  5. Once logged in, tap ‘TAGGer####’ in the upper right to complete your profile. 

Start TAGGing and make a difference today!


Donate via venmo @BEVPTSA

venmo qr code

or send a check payable to “Beveridge PTSA.”